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Original Ice Cream Cone Costume

For this vanilla ice cream cone costume, we first used an old lampshade and some foam, both covered in tan colored fabric to create the ice cream cone. We then added suspenders that we looped through the lampshade, brought up over her shoulders, and criss-crossed to keep it from falling down.

Next, we spread out some white satin material and cut it into a long rectangle that we then turned under and sewed into a long tube. We stuffed the tube with poly-fill, sewed the ends together, and wrapped it, spiraling it upward, around my daughter’s body. We pinned and then tacked the white ice cream at various places to keep the layers together, leaving a little space for her arms to come out of the costume and to help keep it up.

We cut two inch pieces of dowel rod and painted them various bright colors to represent candy sprinkles which were then attached with hot glue from out glue gun.

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  1. This is brilliant I am so stealing this idea. My niece wants to be an Ice cream cone and I was desperately trying to figure out the best way, love the idea but think I will do a “flavor” for the ice cream swirl. Thanks for the inspiration!


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