Coolest “I Spy” Costume

This “I Spy” Costume was so fun and easy to make, economical too. It won a prize at school for my son. He loves reading “I Spy” books and I wanted to find a costume he would really like. So, why not be a walking “I Spy”?

We purchased some sweats, and then went to the dollar tree. I bought all sorts of random toys and things to stick on. I hot glued them all over the sweats.

For the hat, I listed 10 items that people would try to “spy”. I then attached it to sticky glitter paper (Michael’s) and put it around a piece of posterboard I had rolled into a tube shape. I then insterted the tube over a magicians’ hat (from last years’ costume) and attached it with staples. I also attached a small plastic magnifying glass over the “I” in the “I Spy” logo.

Kids had a great time trying to “spy” everything on my son’s costume, he just enjoyed being a human “I Spy”.

Total cost $25

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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