Coolest Hypnotiq Bottle Costume

I wish I could send you pictures of “in the making” of this Homemade Hypnotiq Bottle Costume. I did have a video that has since been lost. You can scour the internet and costume shops and never find my Hypnotiq Liquor Bottle costume I hand made. It took me quite a while to think of ways to come about this.

Here’s what I used:
A black dress which I bought at TJ max for about 10 $
Turquoise colored fabric from Wal Mart ( closest color to the actual liquor)
Light and Dark grey felt
Dark and Light Blue colored glue
I bought my grey cap at Payless ( the most expensive item 16$)

This was the first time I made a costume. I had my sister in law draw a (freehand) stencil on the back of the turquoise fabric. She drew the shape of a bottle that resemebled the Hynotiq Liquor , front and back while I stood upright.

This was by far the hardest task , the fabric stretches ect and the black dress was not fitted so this took a couple of tries. After we tried over and over we managed to get a good stencil set. I cut and sewed the front and back of the “bottle ” to the dress. I then proceeded to cut out the “Hypnotiq” letters out of felt trying to match the colors as best I could to the actual bottle (which I had present at all times). Used fabric glue to attach the letters, since I had no sewing maching this was all by hand.

I finished off the costume with all lettering done in fabric glue. This took FOREVER!!! I even copied the barcode on my rear end in fabric glue! I even included all the warnings ect.( that alcohol come with )

I put on the grey hat to act as the “cap” and wAlA I was a hypnotiq bottle! I adorned the costume with a mini bottle which I attached to my shoulder with a hair tie and safty pin!

All in all It took me about a month of working on this. I loved it, my hard work and dedication payed off it was a hit!