Coolest House Costume

To get an idea of what your House costume will look like, take a look at you own house. No matter what type of house you are going to create, you’ll need one big box in which your body fits between the neck and just above the knees.

Follow these steps:
* Seal both ends of box as if you are going to pack something in it.
* Make a hole the size of your waist.
* Make a hole for your head and two arm holes
* The roof is built just like a tent on top of the box. Remember to make viewing and breathing holes out of the attic windows.
* The attic windows are cardboard cut to look like a window frame. The rest of the windows are old CD covers glued on to painted backs. With cardboard window frames glue in place the same as the door.
* For the roof use some old bits of children’s art foam, it looks like tiles.
* You will need to use outdoor paint because it’s durable and doesn’t chip so bad.
* Because you will tend to walk on the side until you are used to it, I used cheap paper to cover the whole house as it gave a nice wall stand look.
Once you are done you should look like your house.
The whole costume took about 5 week to make and cost about £25…
Hope you have fun too!