Coolest Hot Dog Costume

My son came to me and he was three at the time and said he wanted to be a hotdog because it was his favorite food. Well I had no luck with finding a Hot Dog Costume so I began brainstorming. I ended up using a roll of foam from the craft department at Wal-Mart. Then I had to get the bun look so I watered down some brown craft paint and painted the foam after cuttin two arm holes and shaping it. Then I got some fabric from the clearance section and it was kinda heavy and shiny but in a peach color, for the body. I used fabric clue so I didn’t have to sew it. Then I cut out yellow and red felt and glued it to the pinkish fabric. The bun would not stop opening up so I hand stitched some Velcro onto the bun and the body (hot dog)!

The end result gave me quite a few compliments while Trick-Or-Treating and he was the ONLY hot dog!