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Coolest Hot Air Balloon Costume

The basket of this Hot Air Balloon costume is a cardboard box covered in burlap material that was attached with an adhesive spray. Inside the basket is a cut-down broom handle that was screwed into the front and back for easy carrying.

The balloon frame is made of bendable plastic molding that was screwed together. The molding goes vertical with two horizontal rings in the middle and at the bottom. We attached the basket and balloon together with PVC pipe that was heated with a small bottle torch so it could bend to the right fit. It is screwed together and we also used hose clamps for added support.

To cover the balloon, we got satin material and sewed it together. That was a bit tricky, a pattern had to be made. Matching material was also sewn to make sashes for the basket. The sandbags were just made from some extra white material and stuffed with batting, attached with ropes which were tied to the poles and taped on the inside.

For the finishing touch we printed a sign and put it in a plastic sleeve that was pinned to the basket. From top to bottom it measures 10 feet. It was a big hit at the school Halloween parade, my son had a great time.

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