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Original Hot Air Balloon Costume

My son is six years old and he always comes up with unique ideas for his costume each year. This year, he decided on a Hot Air Balloon. My mother and I make his costumes each year.

First, I purchased a wicker hamper we cut the bottom out and used black duct tape around the jagged edges so they wouldn’t catch on his clothes. Then I purchased a 65 CM Exercise Ball, and some satin fabric (red, orange, blue, green, & yellow). My mother had no pattern, but was able to sew the fabric together & place elastic at the bottom for the air vent and we were able to take the ball in & out of the satin covering.

I went to Home Depot and bought 4 metal sticks and wrapped them in brown duct tape, also bought a piece of round PVC pipe and covered it with gold fringe. The sticks were attached to the basket with tie wraps and so was the pipe. My mom sewed the suspenders onto the basket. The ball came on & off easy for transporting. The Hot Air Balloon Costume was a big hit, he was so proud to wear it.

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