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Coolest Honeycrisp Shock Top Beer Costume

I was drinking a honey-crisp beer and trying to decide what to be for Halloween. BAM! It hit me, I was going to create a Shock Top beer costume.

I bought a blonde punk rock Mohawk wig and my mom helped me cut it to the right length and put fake wheat from Michaels on the edge of the Mohawk. I got red fabric and shaped it like an apple hat and wore a white clothed mask with my eyes and mouth opened. I painted my nose and eyes area white and my eyebrows with a yellow face crayon.

My sister helped me with the back drop – black poster board with the letters from the internet and I Velcroed the sign to my back. It was def really cumbersome to wear around, but totally worth it. People knew exactly who I was.

For the shirt I ironed on the label from the internet. I used special printed paper and iron on the shirt. Green shirt from Jo-Ann fabric.

The first time I wore the costume was at a house party 1 week before Halloween and I didn’t finish the sign yet, so I had to drink the beer and put the beer up to my face and turn my head the entire night so people knew who I was.

I won a costume contest at a local bar called Kona Kitchen from audience reaction. I won their gift card and a Starbucks gift card which I am going to give to my mom and sister for helping me out. It was really fun rocking the costume out. I wanted to go out to other places but I got a little to drunk, ha ha. The work staff recognized me when I won two years ago when I dressed up as a Crown Royal bag. I had a lot of fun wearing the costume around and drinking beer. :)

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