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Coolest Homemde Judy Neutron Halloween Costume

I wanted to do some sort of costume that had hair made of craft foam. Judy Neutron, Jimmy’s Mom is perfect since her hair and the look of her clothes are so distinctive.

For the “hair” I used two yards of 1/2” green craft foam. To get the shape right I started by making a pattern out of newspaper. The back of the hair was all one piece of foam as was the front. For the front of her hair I cut a large piece of foam and then added on a smaller piece to make the bangs distinctive. I used 3M General Purpose spray adhesive to stick the two foam halves and then bangs together.

I used Krylon Short Cuts spray paint in Espresso to color the craft foam brown. Unfortunately when I sprayed the craft foam brown, the green of the craft foam showed through. I decided to use a primer so the green wouldn’t show. I used Design Master gray spray primer. I sprayed the entire head with primer, and then followed with the brown spray paint. I ended up doing several light coats of the brown spray paint. On the last coat I sprayed in lines to create some contrast.

I purchased a cheap head band at Walmart and glued the big ears to the the head band. I pierced the big ears and added pierced yellow earrings.

When I wore the Homemde Judy Neutron Halloween Costume, I pulled my long hair into a low bun, and put a stocking cap over all my hair. Then I pinned the head band to the front of my head and then set the foam hair on behind the ears. Put together like that it was like a stable head dress and I didn’t have to worry about it falling off. It was quite large though and and I had to be careful going through tight spaces.

For Judy’s dress I hunted all around in thrift shops to find a green dress. I ended up getting a size 16 dress. I found that the green color of the lining was more the color that I wanted so I cut the dress down to my size and turned it inside out. Next I added red felt polka dots. I tried fusing the dots initially but that didn’t work. The lining material will not take very high heat and I couldn’t use a hot enough iron to get the fusing material to fuse to the fabric. I ended up gluing the polka dots on using Beacon’s Felt glue which worked great.

I purchased round white Styrofoam balls(floral section Joann’s) that I strung together with a plain plastic lacing for Judy’s pearl necklace. I found a pair of bright green flats at the thrift store. If I had not found some green shoes I was planning to spray paint a pair of shoes green to use for the costume.

I found a white skirt and a old white sheet at the thrift store that I used as fabric to make Judy’s apron. I made a pattern out of newspaper and then cut the lower half of the apron out of the skirt. The advantage to doing it that way is that I already had two pieces of fabric together and I only had to cut once. Then I cut a pattern for the front and the belt and cut them out of the sheet. I made sure to incorporate the already existing finished seams so I had less to sew.

I purchased the materials for the costume at Joann’s, Michaels, Wal-mart and various thrift stores. It probably cost me maybe around $50 to make. Since I was working in a lot of materials I wasn’t familiar with I started a couple months early. Had I known how to work with craft foam or how to glue on felt, I would have been a fairly easy costume to make.

This was a great fun experience for me. I loved that I was able to create all this myself.

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