Coolest Homemade Zombie School Janitor Halloween Costume

I was asked to come help out with the Halloween Festival at my daughter’s elementary school shortly after we moved to Texas. I wanted to do something special for the occasion and decided to dress as part of the school staff so to speak.

I took a pair of my husband’s old work coveralls and took some pencils, broke them in half and with some scar putty and liquid latex and the usual scary stuff makeup you buy at the stores and proceed to turn myself into a Homemade Zombie School Janitor Halloween Costume. I figured the pencils would add a nice touch and fit the occasion as well.

No sooner I arrived and entered the school where the little kids werem I was scaring them. These kids would walk past me or by me and rush away to their parents. I thought it was cool and some told me I looked like I just came off a horror movie set. Total prep time: 1 1/2 hours.