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Coolest Homemade Zombie Disney Princess Esmeralda Costume

The whole homemade Zombie Disney Princess Esmeralda costume idea started with my teenage daughter and her friends. They all decided to be princesses for Halloween, to represent all the Disney princesses, but with a twist. With the current Zombiemania that has taken over they decided to be Zombie Disney princesses. I was asked to join up to be Esmeralda.

For the costume, I purchased the white top for 2 dollars and purple tab top curtains for 5 dollars from a thrift store. I stitched the curtains together, then tied it around my waist with purple ribbon and then ripped/shredded the hem. I added some purple tulle that I had hanging around to make it look more ratty. Then I found a green velvet skirt that I’d been meaning to donate, cut it off at about hip length and used wired gold ribbon that I had folded and stitched into thirds to sew to the skirt to transform it into a waist cincher. I layered the skirt over a white peasant skirt that I’d previously destroyed and topped it off with my belly dancer coin belt, a bag of gold coins and loads of sparkly jewelry.

OH and lets not forget lots of fake blood. The costume I originally wanted would have cost over 100.00 and I would not have wanted to smear it with blood. I’d say I came out on the winning end at paying only 7.00 for the whole thing.

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