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Creepy Zombie Homemade Costume

To make this simple Homemade Zombie Costume, you will need:

A white T-shirt
Fleecy material (preferably a pink colour)
Cotton Wool
Red Paint
Fabric Glue
PVA glue
White and black make up
Fake blood

To become a zombie you have to be bitten by a zombie. I found that it helped to think about where a zombie would grab hold of and bite a person. I cut slits into the T-shirts where the fingers would have been and then cut an oval where the zombie would have bitten our victim.
Next I glued the fleece to the inside of the T-Shirt, behind where the slits and holes were, and left it to dry.

I then mixed together equal amounts of water and PVA glue and then added the red paint. I teared the cotton wool into strips and dipped it into the paint/glue/water mix and then stretched it out across the fleece, but underneath the T-shirt. I did several layers of this to create a fleshy appearance. After the cotton wool flesh had dried, I hung up the T-shirt and poured the remaining “blood” into the bite and finger marks.

After this had dried, I poured on a little undiluted PVA to make the blood look wet. To finish the look, use make up to pale the skin and darken the cheek bones and eyes. Add fake blood to both the T-shirt and the face.

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