Creepy Homemade Zombie Costume

This Zombie costume was made from old clothes that I did not want any more. I got them dirty by rubbing dirt from outside on the clothes and ripped holes in them to make it look warned. I got white and green paint for the dead look. I got makeup from a party store to make the cuts and bruises along with fake blood for the cuts, tears, and all over the clothing.

I also wore tights that were ripped up with fake blood to make it a little easier so I didn’t have to paint my whole legs.

This was a last minute easy costume to come up with, anyone can do it. The prep time was about 1-2 hours with making the clothes looked warn and makeup.

Everyone loved it and said that it looked very real and scary. I had got this idea from pictures on the internet and of course old zombie movies.

2 thoughts on “Creepy Homemade Zombie Costume”

  1. this isn’t very good at all. Sorry. there isn’t even a face picture, your just some lady who gut too drunk and fell and tore her pantyhose and now she is going to scratch someones eyes out, not zombie enough.

  2. I love it, i like the detail in the makeup! I have a zombie day at school tomorrow, ggave me some ideas!

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