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Coolest Homemade Yard Art Group Costume

My best friends and I did a Homemade Yard Art Group Costume for Halloween this year and posed in a yard for pictures at a Halloween party! From left to right we were: a flamingo, a peeing cherub fountain, a garden gnome, and a pinwheel.

The flamingo was created from pink cotton fabric, elastic sewn into the waistband, batting stuffed into the body and wings, pink feathers hot glued all over wings and tail, a pool noodle covered in pink fabric and sewn into front of body, pink fabric for the head piece with felt for the beak, googly eyes, ribbon to attach head to neck piece, black fabric and stuffing for feet and ribbon to tie feet on.

The peeing cherub fountain was created from white fabric wrapped around a hula hoop attached to fishing line for fountain part, a white unitard, wire for wings covered in white fabric cut in strips, white makeup, white hair spray, and white socks over shoes. The cherub “peed” using a syringe in a syringe cover with the tip removed with a saw.

The garden gnome was created from felt for the hat, a purchased white beard, costume makeup on cheeks, suspenders to help hold up mushroom, jacket, children’s pants and shoes, red fabric over hula hoop with white fabric for polka dots for mushroom head, and white fabric for stem of mushroom.

The pinwheel was created with a child’s yellow t-shirt wrapped over an embroidery hoop for the headpiece with a yellow hoodie with the hood up, colored foam hot glued onto headpiece and a yellow tablecloth to cover the legs.

We had so much fun! I hope you enjoy checking out our costumes!

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