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Coolest Homemade X-Men Gambit Marvel Comics Hero Costume

Well, the idea of dressing up like the Marvel Comic book hero named “Gambit” on Halloween of 2010 came about after watching the Wolverine Origins movie in which he made appearances. Gambit, who’s real name is Remy LeBeau has been a very cool comic book character for decades and I thought it would be fun to create my own Homemade X-Men Gambit Marvel Comics Hero Costume. They don’t sell anything like the costume.

To start, I first researched for images of Gambit on the internet. After finding a few old comic book images I began to think about material, accessories and props that would help me accomplish the look and feel I was looking for. Gambit’s costume consists of a trench coat, head piece accessory, under amour, gloves, boots, a staff, riot gear chin guards, and glowing playing cards, X-men patches.

After gathering a list of what I needed to acquire to bring the costume together I began to purchase the items one by one. I began with a grey trench coat that I found at a local thrift store. Then I purchased the padded under amour from an online paintball supply store. The head piece was found online at a hunting gear supply store which had to be cut and modified to obtain the look that Gambit has. Next, I bought a staff, black gloves, and riot gear chin guards, and X-men patches from an e-bay seller.

The costume was custom designed and each piece that was bought, made or purchased would come together to make the costume look authentic. I even went to the trouble of making glowing card and staff which I invented using plexi glass, led lights, batteries, and some simple electrical wiring.

I was part of a larger group of X-men. Check out the photos and we hope you like.

Homemade X-Men Gambit Marvel Comics Hero Costume

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