Coolest Homemade Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

I made a Homemade Wonder Woman Halloween Costume this year for Halloween and loved it!

I was going to make a bustier, but then I found this one at Forever 21 and it worked perfectly. The blue skirt is from Urban Outfitters and I sewed on the stars. I got the boots for 17 euros, cut off the top and painted them. I used spray paint for the red stripe and really thick (good quality) acrylic for the white stripe. I would definitely not recommend spray-painting fake leather because, as you can see, it peeled off. If I use this costume again I will repaint them using only acrylic paint.

I got some stretchy gold lame fabric for the belt and the tiara. I found a strange ‘jelly’ plastic headband at Dollarama and taped a bit of cereal box cardboard, that I’d covered in gold fabric, onto it to make the tiara. I bought the bangles at a local jewelery store and found some gold rope at home.

To finish off the look, I dyed my hair black, put on fake eyelashes and got myself some really red lipstick. I had a blast pretending to be Wonder Woman all night- and I even broke up a bar fight!