Coolest Homemade Wonder Woman Costume Idea

This Halloween we decided to throw a party. SO costumes had to be made for all three my kids. My 6 year old was Ang the Avatar and my 3 year old was a wizard. Both were homemade. But the greatest success for me was my daughter’s homemade Wonder Woman costume idea I made. Considering that I have never been a talented seamstress, it turned out fairly well. My whole family was surprised that I had made this from scratch.

I bought 2 meters of cheap fabric and really just guessed how to put the outfit together, with a little help from Google images. I chose WonderWoman because there are very few female superheros’ I would like my daughter to copy (they are all in bikinis with unnatural six-packs). Her favourite part of the costume was the crown and the cape. She was whooshing around the house for a week before the party.

Homemade Wonder Woman Costume Idea