Cool Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

My friends andI wanted to do a group Halloween thing so we were all superheroes and made our costumes ourselves. I made my homemade Wonder Woman costume by looking at pics on this website and I have NO sewing history so if I can do it you can do it..

I started off by buying blue red and gold fabric from fabric land. I made the shorts by cutting an old pair and making them flat so I could just trace it and cut the blue fabric into the shorts pattern. Then I sewed them at the necessary places.

I then added the gold belt. I just cut it into the shape of Wonder Woman’s and sewed the bottom part to the shorts. For the shirt I cut the material to my size and made it into a tube top with the top of it in a sweet heart shape. I then sewed a strapless bra to the shirt so it would stay up. I then sewed the shirt to the belt.

Then came the details. I cut the gold material into the Wonder Woman symbol and sewed it on to the shirt. I made the cuffs out of the gold material as well. The crown is an old headband covered with gold material and I drew the star on with red marker. The stars are made from an old white t-shirt.

The boots are boot covers I had from a dance costume that were white so I bought red spray paint, made the stripes with tape, sprayed and removed the tape.