For my best friends’ birthday we did a zoo theme! So I went with the Homemade Woman Owl Costume.

*old t-shirts
*simple dress (I bought a thin swimsuit cover up dress)
*fabric glue

I went to a thrift store and bought cheap tshirts of any color. I then made a stencil out of cardboard so that all my feathers were the same side. Cutting out takes a while but well worth it. I then attached all my fabric feathers with fabric glue.I made sure they layered on top of each other. The dress was a bit heavy and layering was time consuming so I would recommend making larger feather cut outs.

Makeup & hair:
My makeup was done by a talented friend. It is a mix of face paint crayons and eye makeup. The hair band was bought at hobby lobby in the hat section and my hair was waved and teased.