Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Costumes18

My kids were invited to a Wizard of Oz themed party and I immediately thought there would be too many lions, scarecrows and tin men so I wanted to get a little more creative. Who doesn’t love those creepy flying monkeys? I dressed as the wicked witch and made my twins Homemade Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Costumes.

I began with some old baby bat costumes and then used felt, ribbon and hot glue to transform them into the cutest little flying monkeys complete with Hat, ears and tail. The vests could be taken on and off as well as the head piece. The wings were attached to the vests.They were far from evil but charmed everyone at the party! The costumes took about an hour each to make and were so easy!

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  1. Would love to know how you made the little head pieces? I am making my 2 yr old a flying monkey and am stumped on this part! Thanks!!

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