Coolest Homemade Wizard of Oz Costume

This homemade Wizard of Oz costume idea was last minute that came together well. All costumes were homemade (except Dorothy) by the people wearing them. This was Halloween 2009.

Glinda costume, Tin-man costume, Scarecrow costume, Witch costume. We had a lot of fun and took a lot of pics. Tin-man was made of thin cardboard and spray painted. Glinda’s costume crown was made of thin cardboard, painted and than bedazzled. Scarecrow’s clothes were sewn together and straw stuffed in open stitches. Witch costume dress was from a second hand store and green make up down with eye shadow. Dorothy make up was done in anime style with cats eye swoops.

A homemade Wizard of Oz costume is always a classic choice. If you have short friends they can be munchkins. A flying monkey is also a great idea to accompany the Wizard of Oz crew. Have a fake crow sit on scarecrows shoulder. Get a crystal ball for the witch. Pay close attention to make up and details (Dorothy’s basket with Toto inside). Stay in character at all times if possible, that will produce a more convincing appearance. Have fun, stay safe.

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  1. Where did you get glindas outfit? is that just a skirt and a shirt? or is it one piece. I’m trying to be here with out a huge dress on. I’m going to a Halloween party and think a big dress would be so annoying and just be out of control every where. Your outfit is perfect!! please let me know!

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