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Coolest Homemade Witch’s Brew Halloween Costume

This Homemade Witch’s Brew Halloween Costume was made because two cousins wanted to be something together. My niece was going to be a witch so I thought she needed her brew! And that’s how this costume was born.

I used a large cauldron and cut a circle in the bottom (just enough to slide over the top of my son with his arms up). I used two 1/4in. foam boards (2 for 1 at the Dollar store) and taped them together using packing tape. This was the table top.

I cut out large black garbage bags for the table cloth. I used gorilla glue to connect the table to the cauldron. For the steam affect, I used a transparent plastic and sized it to the top of the cauldron, cut out a circle for the neck and a slit down one side for easy on/off. Used Velcro to stick it to top. I used webbing for the steam and hot glued a bunch of bugs, eyeballs, snakes hands, etc. to make it really gross.

On top of the table I hot glued a glass with red jello and bugs, teeth, roaches, etc. Hung a sign that said Toxic. There is also a colored strobe light that makes boiling water sounds(TARGET) that I hung to his pant belt so at night it glows and sounds very realistic.

Overall, this was pretty simple to make. To hold the cauldron up, I used black 1 in. elastic, cut slits in front and back and made built in suspenders,and then secured it with hot glue. Most of the accessories were from the Dollar store.

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