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Coolest Homemade Witch Girl Costume

I have wanted to make a Homemade Witch Girl Costume for a really long time, and I finally got to make one for my daughter! It turned out so cute, I loved it, and even more importantly, she loves it even more! My mom is such a wonderful seamstress and she helped me with the corset.

I will explain how I made it from top to bottom! I bought the hat and added beading around the green stripes at the top. I also added the pink boa around the edge of the hat. For the corset we kind of just made the pattern on our own. It velcrowed in the back to it was really easy to put on and take off. But my mom put the eyelets in for the green lace up tie in the front of it. Then the tutu I just took different colors of tool (pink, purple, green, black, white with sparkles) and cut them into strips of all different sizes, then I folded the strips in half, looped over elastic and pulled then ends through the loop a not over the elastic. I didn’t want to put them in any certain order, so it would look more “messy”. Then I just bought the striped tights at the store, and we all ready had the little sneakers with the skeletons on them!

She was my little “cute witch!” I tried telling her she was going to be a witch, but she wouldn’t do it without being a “cute” one!

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