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Coolest Homemade Wiggles Group Costume

We work in Western Massachusetts at a school for kids with autism and developmental disabilities. The classroom we work in had the youngest of the school kids in it. They often watch The Wiggles and love their songs. I came up with the idea of a Homemade Wiggles Group Costume for them. I proposed to my co-workers and they were onboard.

They knew the kids would love us and be excited. So, I went out searching for the shirts. I knew they were not just the average yellow, blue, red and purple. I went to several different stores and found them all in our wiggles¡¦ sizes at target and forever 21 at our local mall.

To make the belt I simply picked up some foam sheets. I cut out the letters of the Wiggles logo and traced and cut them for the belt. For the logo on the shirt I bought transfer iron-on paper and printed it out. I then ironed-on the logo on each shirt. It came out legible but not as well as I would of liked. The parents and students knew who we were and we sang “Big Red Car”, “Hot Potato”, “Fruit Salad”, “Dorothy the Dinosaur” and they enjoyed it very much. It was such a great day and it really made Halloween come alive!

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