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Coolest Homemade Where’s Waldo Costume

I always wanted to be Waldo one Halloween, so I made it happen a few years back! I bought red and white striped tights and a shirt, wore a jean skirt and red shoes. I made a hat out of a white beanie with red ribbon and a red pom pom. I wore glasses, a cane and black backpack! I attached “binoculars” to a chain to make it more like a necklace! The “Binoculars” were actually a flask which was an interesting surprise for most people!

I won a costume contest with flying colors with this Homemade Where’s Waldo Costume! It was really a costume of many found pieces that came together for an unforgettable Halloween!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2021

1 thought on “Coolest Homemade Where’s Waldo Costume”

  1. I am going as Waldo this year! I already have a red and white striped T-shirt (no long sleeves–I love in Florida), blue jeans, and just some shoes. I loom knitted myself a Waldo hat (finished it today) and am going to wear my real glasses until I find the Harry Potter-ish glasses I have somewhere. I do not have binoculars or a usable backpack, OR a cane, but you can tell it is Waldo without that stuff, I think. Your costume it awesome! Sort of Wenda-like, right? I am going for the original Waldo, so no skirt for me. Great costume! I am sure it was a lot of fun to make and wear!


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