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Coolest Homemade Where is Waldo Costume

I had in my wardrobe a red and white stripped sweater (25$). And my friends used to call me “Where is Laurie” during one year , that’s how I get the idea for a Homemade Where is Waldo Costume.

I bought 2 bobble caps (1$+1,25$), one red one white, and I pinned them together. I made a pompom with red wool for 1,50$ , with a tutorial I found on internet. I pinned it to the 2 bobble caps. I found a pair of sun glasses and took of the glasses , for 2$. I borrowed a cane from a friend. I found a cheap pair of binoculars in a toy store for 1$. I found the strangest sockets in second-hand clothes shop for 60 cents, and I also found in that store my skirt for 2$.

My bobble cap couldn’t stay in place on my head without falling or it was ugly, so I put 2 hair clips. I had a great day, I took a lot of photos of me hiding in the crowd so you had to find me! I had fun to hide behind people !

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  1. That look definitely does suit you! Great combination with the Waldo get-up and the mini skirt & heels! VERY SEXY! Always great to see a cute female version of Waldo! Wish this image was higher resolution tho, or less blurry.


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