Coolest Homemade Werewolf Costumes

Attached are the boys’ in full Homemade Werewolf Costumes on Halloween night. The costumes were completely hand made and sewn by yours truly (Anthony), with a little help from mine truly (Stephanie).

The materials were all ‘found items’, old stuff lying around the house, with a few items like the shirts and pants purchased at the Salvation Army for around 3 bucks for all. The fir was SEWN IN to the shirts and pants, and we used hand made ‘pads’ to fill out the shirts with muscles. We bought the shirts about 4 sizes too big for the boys for this reason. Steph spent a few DAYS sewing somewhere around 16 of these homemade pads, cut from t-shirt materiel and stuffed with batting bought at Merts for a dollar.

The fur was originally bought at a run down flea market called Mert’s out in Byron. Darius’s costume, the WareBear, was covered in Teddy Bear fur remnants that I got for around 2 bucks. Cyrus’s head, which would later undergo a complete transformation, was covered with an old nappy gray fur pillow. We unstitched the pillow on two sides and it wrapped the head perfectly. Later, I had a hard time finding a fabric to match Cyrus’s nappy gray hair fabric, so had to have to purchase 1 1/2 yards of white faux fur from the fabric store (THANKS CLEO!), and totally start over on Cyrus’s head. We also ended up having to purchase additional fur from the fabric store to finish out D’s costume (arms and legs).

The heads themselves were made from old SkateBoard helmets. The upper and lower jaw were made from old brass carpet strips, used to seam carpet at thresh holds. I just bent them into the shape I wanted. The teeth were cut from a plastic American Blinds advertisement that we had laying around from the real estate Bizz. All of this was held together with Sheet Metal Screws and Construction Adhesive, left over from my days before the Real Estate Bizz. The eyes were Christmas lights, completely rewired to support only two bulbs powered by a C battery pack (also taken from Christmas lights) that the boys carried in their pockets. The heads also had speakers wired in which attached to the boys’ MP3 players located in their other pockets. The MP3 players were loaded with Werewolf howls and growls, and the Halloween and Exorcist Theme Songs.

The gloves were cut from matching fabrics, and sewn onto dollar store gloves that fit the kids.
Its hard to get teenage boys to stand still for more than a few seconds, or keep them inside for more than a few minutes so Stephanie did A LOT of modeling for me. She’s about the same size as the boys, so she would stand there, ever so patient with me as always, while I pinned fur to shirts and shirts to suspenders and suspenders to pads and pads to pants and so on and so forth. She helped do a lot of the sewing too, but ONE OF US has to take care of the Real Estate Bizz, and for the past few weeks, my brain has been on COSTUME COSTUME COSTUME!

Hope you like them!!

Homemade Werewolf Costumes