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Coolest Homemade War and Peace Concept Costume

This Homemade War and Peace Concept Costume was a very fun concept couple costume. It was all about the make-up really. HUGE impact, the all blue and all red.

War is wearing a leather “kilt”. We bought red and black pleather and cut it gladiator style and bought a sword at a Halloween shop. Sprayed his hair black and then it was time to cover the man in red. The trick to good coverage with Halloween makeup is mixing it with real base make up. It doesn’t change the color really and it goes on much smoother and more evenly, then we used some black around the eyes. Finally add an aggressive attitude and you are ready for War! Bring it!

Peace is wearing a blue floaty off the shoulder toga made with light blue transparent fabric and backed with a poly nylon lining -very important! My hair color clashed with the blue so I dyed it for the occasion, I don’t expect everyone to go to such extremes, and then added the gold ivy wreath I bought in the floral department of a craft store and also bought a silk olive branch and dove from same store and attached the dove to it. The technique for the blue make-up is the same as the red. I did use a darker shade for lips, brows and as eyeliner. Then get your serenity on and balance that angry guy out!

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2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade War and Peace Concept Costume”

  1. My husband and I are trying this for our Halloween party next week. You all look awesome and it also seems to be pretty cheap so far. Did you all have any problems once the paint dried? As far as war rubbing off on peace…color that is? Thanks for the idea!

  2. Chuck and I sat on wooden chairs and left the couch and comfy chairs to our guests! As for us mixing? Well the shower became a muddy purple!


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