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Cool Homemade Wall-E Costume

This Homemade Wall-E Costume was completely made with recycled material. I did it with my 4 years old kid, Nicholas. We used recycled cardboard boxes, egg cups, food packaging, bottles, screws, bolts, an old diver’s mask. A hidden mechanism allows the child to open up the space where Wall-E collects the garbage.

Initially we made the structure on cardboard, from a big square box. We cut holes for head and arms and the front door. We added several food packages to simulate the electric panels (one contains a blinking light from a broken toy) and painted it in dirt yellow.

Using strips of corrugated cardboard and bottles we did the tracks. The head was made with an old diving mask and folded cardboard.

We have enjoyed about 2 weeks doing it. My son was very proud and excited of his costume!

Homemade Wall-E Costume

Homemade Wall-E Costume