Coolest Homemade Valley Girl Scarecrow Costume

This Halloween I decided to go as a scarecrow! I looked up pictures of scarecrow costumes, watched the Wizard of Oz and brought this Homemade Valley Girl Scarecrow Costume together with a personal touch. I started out with some old jeans that I destroyed using sand paper and a razor. I then made these straw scrunchies, if you will, by tying raffia to some hair ties. I made four of these and put them around my wrists and ankles.

I made my hat by cutting a large circle out of burlap, placing it on my head and then tying some twine around it. I then put some duct tape in some of the holes of my jeans and stuck some raffia to those so it looked like I was made of straw.

For my makeup, I decided to go for a doll-like look. I got really dark foundation and some fake eyelashes, and voila! Valley Girl Scarecrow.

Scarecrow Costume