I started with a bustier and a crinkle skirt. I bought a ton of black mesh, and made a tutu by tying cut strips to elastic. This sat under the tentacles, giving them a flowy, under-the-sea look. I cut & sewed the tentacles, stuffed them with wire hangers and bubble wrap, and sealed them over a belt. I used the extra material and some double sided tape to form a choker, and a piece of glittery yellow foam for the shell on my choker. I wore my chunky black boots with the heel. I found that the colored hair sprays actually work pretty well on skin. But I didn’t want to mess with the mess all night so I went with bare skin instead. I teased my hair and did my best with the makeup. I ran around in character all night, telling children that they were, “Poor unfortunate souls” because they didn’t have enough candy (I had a large bowl of candy). Best. Halloween. Ever.