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Coolest Homemade Trucker Girl and Mud Flap Couple Costume

My wife and I came up with a vision of a “Trucker Girl on a Mud Flap” (you know the little hot silver seductive women on the back of mud flaps). I don’t know how it started or came about… but It came out pretty incredible. I am an extremest, I take things over the top. Sometimes it works for me, sometimes not. This time it did.

I painted my wife silver (make sure you do per instructions of body safe material). I went and bought some aluminum diamond plate, and 1/2″ lag bolts, and 3/4″ rubber mat. I got a picture of a mud flap, and duplicated it. I am the mud flap, and she’s the trucker girl. I help the mud flap up with 1/2″ electrical conduit that was bent and formed in a v-shape. I strapped the conduit to where an oxygen tank on a scuba B.C. mounts. I drilled 2″ deep holes into a 4×6 wood header that was attached with the 1/2″ lag bolts @ the top on the mud flap. The 1/2″ conduit supported the mud flap. You can see in the photo.

THIS COSTUME IN ONE OF A KIND!!! As far as originality, this one is hard to beat.

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