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Cool Homemade Tron Legacy Costume

With Tron Legacy coming out soon, I thought it’d be nice to prepare myself! More than 30 hours was put into this homemade Tron Legacy costume, and that doesn’t include the time spent shopping in the women’s department!

I started off with getting the most form fitting leather jacket and pants from local second hand shops, and went on with alterations. The original costume consists of plastic armor but I just went with a form fitting leather layer. The boots and identity disc were both from K-Mart and the looks I received asking for women’s boots were nothing short of embarrassing.

The glow from the suit is from reflective safety tape, and was also applied to the disc (which originally did not have a glow to it). I had a time trying to figure out how to mount the disc on my back, but all was solved with some strong magnets. The head-piece was a tough find as I didn’t want to make it myself, but the open face scooter helmet worked out very well!

All-in-all it was a tough suit to make, but it was the most fun I’ve had making a Halloween costume.

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  1. Where do you find the tape like that. I checked Walmart meijers The closest thing i can find is the reflective white car tape but it doesnt appear as white as yours. Or what did you do to get that glow without buy EL tape


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