Coolest Homemade Tron Costume

The homemade Tron costume idea was derived from the internet sensation Tron Guy after seeing him get a web redemption on Tosh.0. I actually contacted Tron Guy via e-mail and he gave me some ideas on how to make the costume. The armor he used was pre-bought and pre-laced with the electroluminescent wire… so this posed a problem for me. I decided that I would have to make the armor myself and find a creative way to secure it to the costume base.

The arms are made from PVC pipe cut at 45 degree angles then sanded down and painted a powder white with plastic-adhering acrylic spray paint. The costume spandex itself is a “Green Man” costume from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but in white. I had to remove the head from this and sew the neck around to the seam for a good fit, I also placed an eye hook for security so my back side wouldn’t randomly unzip. The shoulder pads and helmet are hockey gear powder coated white as well.

Electroluminescent wire was run through the PVC, Shoulders, Helmet after measuring and drilling holes in specific areas. The wire was 4 feet per arm, 5 feet for the shoulders and 15 feet for the helmet. With 4 separate power sources I had to hide the battery packs. Each arm is hidden beneath the PVC, the shoulder pads is hidden under the right deltoids pad, and the helmet is hidden within the padding of the helmet inside. All blue paint was done with hand painting over 12 hours with acrylic paint.

Homemade Tron Costume