We came up with the idea of being trolls after seeing pictures on this website. We needed something that would make us stand out at the local Halloween party. This definitely did it! We wanted to be a little different so we decided to each have a theme. Our themes were Hawaiian, 70’s, Christmas, Halloween, princess, sporty and vampy.

The base of our costumes were a nude leotard and footless leggings from a dance company online. Since everyone has different hair styles and lengths we decided to go with some wigs from Walmart that we spray painted to match our color. That way we would be the same.

Our jewels were molded out of soap and sewn on our leotards. Don’t ask me how, the crafty ones in the group came up with the idea. They also made the perfect fat suits for our bellies. The last thing we put on were some ear tips we found on a Halloween costume website. They are hard to see in the picture but definitely topped off the costumes.

We got a lot of compliments on our costumes and had so much fun. We ended up coming in 2nd for the local costume contest. Now to start planning for next year!