This is 4 year old Logan. He is in a homemade Transforming Bumblebee kids costume. First we started with the top of the camero. We rolled the cardboard to round it to the shape of the top of the car. We hot glued the sides on to keep the shape of the top. Next we made the front. We made the sides and put the holes where the tires will be. Then we glued a piece of cardboard to the top. We cut out a square on the cardboard for his head to fit through.

We used sheets of foam to make the front of the camero rounded. We cut out where the headlights go and used plastic jugs to cover the holes. There are two flashlights behind the plastic and under the hood of the car. They turn on to light the way as he goes trick-O-treating. The back of the car was rolled cardboard hot glued together. Then we attached it to the top of the car. We made the doors nes and hot glued them to the front of the car. We used 2″ ribbon and attached the front of the car to the roof of the car. These ribbons help hinge and help keep the car on as he is walking.

The tires are made of cardboard and carpet padding. They have ribbon hot glued to the back of them with Velcro to keep them in place.