Each year I make costumes for my friends and I to wear to a Halloween Party. This year I made homemade Toy Story group Halloween costumes. We went as Woody (riding Bullseye the horse), Mrs. Potato Head, The Alien, Jessie the Cowgirl and Buzz Lightyear.

Bullsye is made from felt and you step into the costume with elastic at the waist.

Mrs. Potato Head is made from cotton fabric and the head was made using paper mache’ on a medium sized exercise ball. Then covered with felt. I used some memory foam to make the brim that folds back on the hat. I mostly used hot glue on the hat.

The alien’s head was made much the same way – just a smaller ball was used. For the eyes of the alien, I cut plastic baseballs in half. Again, lots of hot glue.

Buzz lightyear’s wing and chest pack are made from cardboard covered in white pleather and trimmed with felt details. The clothes are made from a white sweatsuit that I added bell bottoms to with felt and sewed some details on the shirt. Purple hood was sewn from cotton fabric.

We had a great night and won first place.