We started working on this homemade Toy Story group costume idea back in Sept of 2010 they were quite an undertaking!!

The potatoes were the first costumes to be made primarily out of chicken wire, duct tape, trucker suspenders and lots of paper mache…. next came the dinosaur which was primarily composed of tag-board and great foam… this costume took us right up to the 30th of Oct to complete… he was 3 different pieces all attached with suspenders as well.

Next were the cowboys Jessie and Woody, these were fairly easy, lots of cow print material and hot glue, we composed the hats, vest and chaps and in the end added the pull-strings made out of the tops of ice cream buckets. Then we moved onto the pig and Buzz Lightyear… the pig is composed of a batter helmet to hold the snout on then a walker, yes a walker, hooks onto the persons belt with shower hooks and the hind legs are on wheels so that “ham” walks with you….

And then there is Buzz… where to start with him?…hmm the chest component is a kickboxing pad and then the legs are catcher shin guards and the hands are hockey gloves and the arms are heating duct work….the head is an extremely large party bowl shaved down to size and hot glued to his collar, his wing span was made with cardboard and hobby plain parts, then we added reflective tape and constructed his jet pack out of tops of card board boxes.

To say the least we had a blast making these costumes, we should have bought stock in hot glue and duct tape, those products are amazing!!! We took them out on the town here in Wisconsin and we were a hit! Everyone had their picture taken with the potatoe heads. Needless to say we didn’t place in any contests, we were too big of a group, so I found this website and I am hoping to win! Any questions let me know!