We found sewing patterns for Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie. We had to order Woody and Jessie’s hats from a costume website, but we got everything else at the local fabric store. Jessie’s wig was made from orange yarn.

Little Bo Peep’s costume was based on a basic dress pattern with minor modifications. We added straps to an adult-size hoop skirt to make a child-size “hoop dress”. We found a cheap plastic shepherd’s crook at a local costume shop and spray painted it blue.

For Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, we created homemade fat suits from scrap fabric with a lining sewed to form four compartments for stuffing. We made up patterns for the accessories (eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc.), which we stuffed and hand sewed onto the fat suit covers. The covers also included makeshift “pillows” positioned to rest on our shoulders to create the right shape at the top. We bought over sized gloves and clown shoes (not shown in the picture) at the costume shop.

The Homemade Toy Story Family Halloween Costume was a big hit, especially Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. (We do live in Idaho, after all.)