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Coolest Homemade Toy House Claw Machine Costume

Parents hate them, kids love them. I’m talking about the Toy House Claw Machines that you find at a ton of restaurants these days.

My Claw machine is the best though; EVERYONE loves it. I started off with one big box. I cut 3 of the sides out and, on the back of the one remaining side, I glued metallic paper to the back to look like a mirror. I then spray-painted the box black and added silver glitter spray-paint.

There are 3 other boxes to this costume. 1 is a base to the “main” box and there is a box attached to that for the coin slot/joystick holder. Both of these were spray-painted with both black and glitter. I hand drew the coin slots with orange numbers and lines for the coin slot beneath.

Inside the “main” box I took silver tape (like you put around piping) and covered another box. I then took a coat hanger and made the claw and wrapped that with the silver tape. I put all the animals in the box and then used the winterizing window stuff and put it around the inside of the 3 openings I had cut earlier. A hole was cut out of the bottom of the “main” box for my head to fit into. I then colored some things on paper and cut out the letters to spell Toy House and glued them to the front of the “main” box.

After that I added the final touch which was attaching 2 strings of battery-operated Christmas lights to the sides of the box. That’s it. It took a couple days and about 8 hours to make, but it was well worth the time and effort.

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