Coolest Homemade Toddler Girl Puppy Costume

My 21-month-old daughter loves dogs. Every time she sees a dog she yells, “puppy! puppy!” When she sees a new kind of animal and she doesn’t know the name for it yet, she says “puppy!” So it was pretty obvious what she should be for Halloween.

I went looking online for ideas of a Homemade Toddler Girl Puppy Costume and found this website. I’m not sure where the basset hound inspiration came from, except I know I wanted long droopy ears.

I picked up a nice brown hooded sweatshirt that she can wear for months, if I had the heart to remove the costume pieces, which I don’t and a pair of brown leggings at a discount clothing store for about $15. The rest is a couple of dollars’ worth of felt, ribbon and thread.

The ears, tummy, and tail are all felt, with ribbon for the collar and a bow around the tail. I made my own patterns out of regular paper, then hand-sewed these pieces over three nights after my daughter had gone to bed. (While watching Project Runway on TiVo.)

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  1. how did you do the ears – i.e., how are they attached? are they on a headband or something? so cute – love it. thanks for sharing –

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