Coolest Homemade Titanic Ghost Costume

With this Titanic Ghost Halloween costume, I felt like a celebrity. I attended a Halloween party at the local fire department and won “Best Costume”. Everyone was taking my picture!

I decided to make the life ring first, because that was the hardest to figure out how to give an authentic look. I bought a 18” straw wreath at the local craft store, covered it with bubble wrap to make it appear larger, then covered that with batting used in quilting. I attached both the bubble wrap and batting with hot glue.

I then took an old white sheet, cut out a circle and used my sewing machine to stitch only the outer edge first; I then flipped that inside out. I had to cut it open on one side to place the wreath into the center. I sewed the inside circle by hand and also applied white 1” wide ribbon to cover the outer seam that had been cut. I applied four pieces of ribbon to hold the rope in place. I bought stick-on letters for the writing on the ring, which I glued on for added security.

I purchased the material for the skirt, which was sold as ‘mummy’ material, because of the ripped look. I lined it with another fabric, because it was very sheer. I purchased the white blouse and embellished everything with artificial plants and a starfish.

I accessorized with a hat, jewelry and boots, the style of which would have been worn in that time period. I wore white makeup, black lipstick and eye shadow to finish the look.

I can’t wait to wear this costume again next year!

Titanic Costume