Coolest Homemade Titanic Costume

My office was having a Halloween party with a costume contest. First prize was a full paid day off. I wanted to win BAD! I came up with the idea of being a Titanic Victim.

To look like I was from the steerage class I made a simple long skirt out of 2 yards of clearance $1.00 a yard fabric. I then added a blouse and jacket from my closet.

To make my hair look wet I used a bunch of cheap hair gel. Then I bobby pinned in a bunch of plastic aquarium plants and rubber fish, which I also stuck in my pockets. I used white and blue make up to make my face look a little dead.

To make the life ring, I used a Styrofoam wreath form that I painted white and stenciled S.S. Titanic on it. Finally I attached a length of rope with white electrical tape.

Not too hard or expensive and it won me a day off!

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