Cool Homemade Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter Costume

I started creating my Tim Burton’s mad hatter costume in October 2009 to take on my trip to Disney World.

I spent over 40 hours on the hat alone. I used 3 soldering irons to burn the hole pattern in the hat. I then used gold, brown & copper paints as accents and made patterns in gold thread throughout the hat. I then sewed all 4 parts of the hat together. I made the hat scarf and hand painted the flower design on it. I purchased 4 hat pins from eBay and hand made the embroidered peacock feather.

The vest was another challenge. I had a friend cut the front panels of vest in black and drew a grid with fabric pencil. I used an exacto knife to cut out every second square and sewed black & white hounds tooth material sewing up every line. The shirt I bought and dyed pink adding the frill to the cuffs.

The pants and jacket were custom made and have all the trimmings including the embroidery on the pant leg as well as the bird patch (from eBay), a dragonfly patch on the coat and the fur lining on the seams with a purple lining. I made a pincushion ring and placed a pin with a yellow head in it as well as making a blue & red thimble. The gloves were hand sewn and shoes were painted brown.