Coolest Homemade Then and Now She-Ra Costumes

She-ra is my all time favorite cartoon character and always has been.
This is me as She-ra circa 1992 and in 2008. My mom made the first costume from scratch. The costume I made started with a purchased white skirt and bustier. To that I added gold lame’ (ironed on to a stiff interfacing) pieces with hot glue. The arm bands and headpiece were also made with gold lame’ and interfacing. I also added a red cape attached to a choker made out of the gold lame’. If I did it again, I would use something sturdier for the headpiece because it was falling down and I ended up taking it off for most of the night.

My mom was a little upset that I opted to not wear a white shirt under the new costume. This pictures show you my Homemade Then and Now She-Ra Costumes.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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