Coolest Homemade The Maxx Costume

I love The Maxx, a comic book character that was also made into an animated movie. He is so over the top, that I knew it would be difficult to make a costume for it.

I started with the mask as that is what makes The Maxx so cool and unique. I used plaster on 1/2 of my face and over the top of my head. I let it dry and then cut some bristol board for the teeth. I plastered over the teeth and let it dry again. Next I started on the muscles and size. I used light 2 inch thick foam and piled and bunched it together in different spots to form his body. I then wrapped that in a stretchy body suit I made out of a purple fabric.

The claws I fashioned out of two plastic swords cut and painted and strapped to my hand, they protrude through my homemade yellow gloves. The boots I used the same foam for the muscles and then wrapped them in a brown fabric then ripped some darker fabric to give it the illusion of worn in weirdo boots that The Maxx wears.

So far this is the only Homemade The Maxx Costume I have ever seen.

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