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Coolest Homemade The Mask Costume

My son had recently watched both of The Mask movies, loving them both. After throwing around a few ideas, he decided on a Homemade The Mask Costume character. Given that there were no packaged costumes out there, we bought a basic white plastic mask. We then stretched bright fluorescent green/yellow fabric across it to cover it. We used the same fabric to make a matching cap to cover up his hair.

We bought a basic black man’s hat and spray painted it green. For the clothes, we used a mix of old clothes and sewn items. He wore an old purple dress shirt of mine, an old striped lady’s blazer with shoulder pads, and green pants that someone had handed down to him. We made a tie and pocket square out of some fun colorful fabric.

For very little cost and a lot of imagination, he definitely stood out of the crowd. Anyone who had seen the movies knew exactly who he was and loved it!

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