Coolest Homemade Terminator T-650 Costume

This was my homemade Terminator T-650 costume for 2009.

It was made out of cardboard tubes, poster board and Styrofoam. It was connected to my back by a metal rod in the pelvis, and rods on its toes, connected to my feet, gave the illusion that it was walking behind me in the guise of a captured soldier.

My tools for this job consisted of the following:
– a hot-glue gun
– duct tape
– a Styrofoam skull
– red LEDs and a 6 volt power supply
– 23 sheets of poster board
– 50 wooden spools
– 20 wooden clothes pins
– a 24″ steel pipe
– 5 36″ dowel rods
– silver tape
– various sized cardboard tubes
– 3 cans silver spray paint and 1 can flat black spray paint
– 1 18″ Terminator 2 toy which I used for reference.