Coolest Homemade Terminator Costume

I made the Homemade Terminator Costume from the movie “T2: Judgment Day”. I am a huge fan of the Terminator movies and T2 was the best one ever made (even today). I will start with the clothing. I wore black leather pants and jacket. Black shirt underneath and Arnolds classic glasses. They are a pair I found at Goodwill that was as close as I could get to the originals. To finish off the clothing I bought some work boots from Walmart just for the costume.

The grenade bullets strapped around my chest are made from wrapping paper and half of an Easter egg shell. I taped them together and spray painted them gold for the bullet look. The gun was completely homemade and the barrel rotates. I started by looking at some photos of the gun from the movie and made a frame out of steel. To make the barrel I used a desk organizer that rotated and attached 8 barrels made out of PVC tubing. To make the barrel spin, I bought a drill and attached it to the gun frame and to the desk organizer.

I bought a computer gaming joystick for the controls and wired the trigger from the drill into the joystick. So the barrel can rotate at variable speeds. I finished the gun up by spray painting it flat black. My ammunition bag is a video camera bag that I have feeding ammo into the gun. This does not shoot bullets, it just rotates.

I probably spent about $150-$200 making this costume. I was very pleased as to how it turned out.