Coolest Homemade Sybill Trelawney Costume from Harry Potter

My daughter had a party this haloween, the annua Harry Potter party. As a room mom I decided that I needed to play along! Really I just love this kind if stuff!

My costume came from good will, and imagination! Tried to find the ugliest dress I could find and a big purse. Brown sweater and boots from the old closet.

Frizzed my hair out and tied a scarf around my head. My eyes are orange hazel and needed to be green. So I put green eyeshadow around my eyes. That’s about all the makeup I had on though.

Trelawney was a witch and the divination teacher, so the jewelry were long necklaces and of course my crystal ball. An Orbies crystal ball that lite up. I tied and hot glued rope around the bottem and stuck spiders on the rope. The glasses were gag glasses, I took the nose and eyebrows off.

The party was a success, all the 4th graders had no idea it was going on and were in shock when we all showed up and dressed up.